How do we offer the church as a sign of healing and unity given the variety of divisions in which we dwell? Silence in the face of division is read as tacit support for controversy. Let us pray on our calling to pursue unity in peace, truth, equity, and the abundance of God.
Please note the critically important opportunities upcoming.
Florida Clergy Gathering: Abundant Living for All
Hosted by the Florida Council of Churches
Presented by Pastors for Florida Children
Save the Date: May 16th – 17th
Florida Hotel & Conference Center
1500 Sand Lake Road Orlando, FL
The keynote speaker is Atty Cecile Scoon, President League of Women Voters.
The abundant life that faith claims includes full participation in society, which includes voting and democratic civic engagement. Yet some five million Floridians did not vote in 2020, and the legislature has restricted access to voting in a variety of ways. The new congressional district maps have reduced the representation of the diversity of the state’s population. Into this moment, it seems appropriate for the church to ask among itself and within the wider community what shape democracy should take to manifest the abundant life God extends to all in Jesus Christ.
Please promote and encourage ministers to participate in our annual gathering that seeks unity through a common witness to a society with equitable access to all. Share the attached flyer. Register at