The Florida Legislature is in regular session in January through early March. Some 900 bills have been filed, though most of them will not be heard. What will be considered will effect the lives of every Floridian. In the last few years Florida has gone from an affordable place to live to becoming one of the most expensive places in the nation. Nearly one out of two households teeter on the edge or have fallen off the cliff of wellbeing. Floridians now pay the highest rates in homeowners insurance and buying a first-time home has become unreachable for many young households. Most of the meaningful indicators of wellbeing are declining while our public forums overflow with controversy and intolerance. In our faith communities we see upfront the hardships people are facing. These stories are the true picture of Florida. We must tell them to all who will listen. Let’s share them with our elected officials. The truths we know can help make public policy serve the common good and help relieve the suffering we see everyday.

Register for the Florida Faith Advocacy Days in Tallahassee, January 28-30, 2024 (the 28th is an early arrival day).