Speaking for Floridians

Advocacy Days in Tallahassee

February 14-15, 2023

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Over the past few years Florida has become the most expensive state to live in. It’s surprising because so many moved here for the good weather and low cost of living. The state coffers are flush with money, yet the burden is on local taxes and fees. Big corporations continue to get tax cuts while the average household cost burdens are rising. Wages don’t match rent, food, and fuel for the average worker. Our schools are pinched, the creation is under great strain, policies are less inclusive, and division is growing. Jesus teaches that God desires mercy.  Faith communities have been feeding and clothing and counseling Floridians without question. We know the human pain. We have stories to share. These stories are God’s tools for bringing new opportunities to life. Our legislators need to hear our voices speak of the calling for mercy.

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