The Florida Council is a catalyst for realizing the unity which Christ has given the Church, a unity that leads to solidarity with all of humanity. At the beginning of biblical history, God calls the immigrant Abraham to become a blessing for all families upon the earth.  Isaiah proclaims that all flesh shall see the salvation of God. The Apostle Paul says that Christ dies once for all. Peter declares […]

The churches listed below represent the denominational offices of the network which makes up the ecumenical movement among mainline Protestants and historic Black churches in Florida. United Methodist Church – Florida Conference Florida-Bahamas Synod, ELCA – Lutheran The Ecumenical Catholic Communion Florida Conference of the United Church of Christ Christian Church in Florida (Disciples of Christ) Southeastern Yearly Meeting (Quakers) Moravian Church – Florida […]

Christian Church in Florida (Disciples of Christ) Cooperative Baptist Florida Fellowship Diocese of Central Florida – Episcopal Diocese of Florida – Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida – Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida – Episcopal Eleventh District of The African Methodist Episcopal Church Fifth District of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Florida Conference of the United Church of Christ Florida Fellowship of Community Churches Florida Mission Center – Community of Christ […]

Welcoming the Beloved Community into the Present, leading through conversation, renewing through relationships, inspiring through shared experiences, tending the field of the future in which all flourish: I find joy in bringing diverse people together in an open space where new communities of action emerge. Since 2005, The Rev. Dr. Russell L. Meyer has led Florida’s historic Protestant churches in public witness for the commons. Working with a multi-faith commitment […]