FLORIDA RELIGIOUS LEADERS’ STATEMENT ON GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE (1998) We, members of the Florida Faith Community, greet you, our sisters and brothers, on behalf of God’s creation. We who are dedicated to the health and habitat of our own good state are also citizens of the whole of Creation. Scripture tells us that all creation is good and that human beings are given the responsibility to care for all of […]

This is page is a historical record of the Council’s long-standing ministry in eco-justice.   CHERISHING THE CREATION: Venture of Faith SCIENTISTS SAY FUTURE IS IN THE BALANCE Stopping Preventable Pollution Links to Earth Issue Websites     CHERISHING THE CREATION Venture of Faith   The Cherishing the Creation Committee has been changed into a “Commission” under the new structure of the Florida Council of Churches. The Commission has been […]

Orlando Sentinel | October 18, 2010 | By Edwin Goldberg & Russell L. Meyer | Guest columnists   Nearly six months after the BP oil spill began, the images of oil-soaked birds struggling for survival remain fresh in our minds. These pictures are unforgettable; they formed the centerpiece of many stories about the spill. Yet, we rarely see images of the damage that will last even longer than the effects […]