An occasional piece by Russell Meyer, the Executive Director.

So many of the issues in the news and on the table in the legislature and Congress are tied together. A divide has swept the country between small government and smart government. Something more profound is underway. It involves our collective will. How do we work together in concert for the good of us all? Government is one way. Corporations are another way. Nonprofit associations still another. And of course the church. All of these, and more from the family through alumni groups, are instruments of collective will. None of them by themselves cover all of the bases. Often each type of group acts as the collective will of all involved in it when but a few have made the choices of the groups activities. We have to admit that we as a society have failed to exercise our collective will for the wellbeing of all. It’s time we start doing otherwise. Listen to Michelle Alexander (speaking 2/25/13 @ Yale Divinity School). Hear the call – and respond in concert with what the Spirit is saying to all the people.