On the Occasion of the Groundbreaking Agreement between the
Coalition of Immokalee Workers and Pacific Tomato Growers

leaders“Today we celebrate the groundbreaking agreement between the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) and Pacific Tomato Growers. We are grateful to witness this display of social responsibility. This agreement will bring about basic rights for farmworkers. We hope and pray that the spirit of collaboration exhibited by the CIW and Pacific Tomato Growers leads the way to a future in which farmworkers and farmers work together with respect for the dignity of all persons whose labor makes possible our nation’s food.

Creating a food system that respects the rights of farmworkers involves all of us: consumers, retailers, farmers, and farmworkers. This agreement recognizes the unique role farmworkers can and must play in eliminating workplace abuses by ensuring them a voice in the protection of their own rights. It also recognizes the vital role of tomato growers in standing against abuses and implementing systems for greater social responsibility in partnership with farmworkers.

This new partnership models the advances that can be made by working together in good faith with the common goal of fairness and the spirit of cooperation. We pray this inspires all growers and retailers to join in the efforts at cultivating a fairer, more humane agricultural industry. May God Bless the CIW, Pacific Tomato Growers and farmers and farmworkers everywhere.”

Bishop Edward Benoway
Florida-Bahamas Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Rabbi Mark Borovitz
Temple Beit Tshuvah

Bishop Leo Frade
Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida

Bishop Charles Leigh
President, Florida Council of Churches & Apostolic Catholic Church

Rev. Russell Meyer
Executive Director, Florida Council of Churches

Rev. Kent Siladi
Conference Minister, Florida Conference of the United Church of Christ

Bishop Timothy Whitaker
Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church